Adult Religious Education: Current Offerings

Sunday Explorations meets every Sunday at 9:30 am. Join us for stimulating conversation on UU faith-based topics.

Bring your coffee or tea to this virtual conversation.

Meeting ID: 842 4289 2753
Passcode: 041625

March 7
To Be a People of Commitment. The Life Paths made through our commitments. How do we discern commitments and assume responsibilities? What are the influences that determine these commitments? How do the ancient texts address the significance of making commitments?
Angela Merkert, facilitator

March 14
Faith and Commitment/Covenant: How Shall We Live? When we commit to values, principles of faith we also make commitments. How do those commitments support our choices in how we shall live our lives? We will include commitments to living our Seven UU Principles as a part of this discussion.
Angela Merkert, facilitator

March 21
To Be an Ally; To Be in Solidarity. There is a difference in the commitments made as we choose to be an ally or in solidarity with causes. How do our actions differ as we identify ourselves and our commitments?
Angela Merkert, facilitator

March 28
“Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time,” Part 1 using a book by the late Marcus Borg, a Jesus scholar and college philosophy professor. Many of us have left the Christian churches of our past, but Borg invites us to look with fresh eyes at the “pre-Easter Jesus.” He writes this Jesus has been distorted by later church doctrines/creeds. Consider this: What wisdom can we draw from the life and teachings of Jesus?
Ron Friederich, facilitator