Adult Religious Education: Current Offerings

Sunday Explorations
Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30 for weekly discussions on a variety of social justice, UU history, and faith-based and spiritual topics. Bring your coffee or tea and be a part of this virtual group.
Meeting ID: 842 4289 2753
Passcode: 041625

August 1: Our NM Kids’ Wellbeing—Kids Count Data 2021. How are we doing as a state in taking care of our kids? Let’s look at the statistics and the policies and practices that are behind them. Angela Merkert, facilitator

August 8: Ethical Eating. Looking ahead at the challenges of potential food scarcity on society and the economy. Angela Merkert, facilitator

August 15: Living in a World Community; the 6th UU Principle. Our 6th principle states a goal of a World Community with Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All. How are we doing?
Angela Merkert, facilitator.

August 22 & 29: No Explorations