Current Covenant Group Materials

Topics and Materials for 2020-2021

October Listening, Belonging

Listening Prep

Listening Gathering

Belonging Prep

Belonging Gathering


November: Grownups, Healing

Grownups Prep

Grownups Gathering

Healing Prep

Healing Gathering


December: Loss and Grief; Stillness and Silence

Loss and Grief Prep

Loss and Grief Gathering

Stillness and Silence Prep

Stillness and Silence Gathering


January: Imagination; Fear, Courage & Faith

Imagination Prep

Imagination Gathering

Fear, Courage & Faith Prep

Fear, Courage & Faith Gathering


February: Beloved Community; Nature

Beloved Community Prep

Beloved Community Gathering

Nature Prep

Nature Gathering


March: Nonviolence & Social Change; Commitment

Nonviolence & Social Change Prep

Nonviolence & Social Change Gathering

Commitment Prep

Commitment Gathering


April: Becoming; Resilience

Becoming Prep

Becoming Gathering

Resilience Prep

Resilience Gathering

Resilience Facilitator Notes



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