Gabriel Longuinhos

A native of Brazil, Gabriel Longuinhos began learning the piano in 2005 at the age of 17 in his hometown of Santos, Brazil, where he performed in his first recitals. He earned his B.A. from the University of Campinas in 2012 under the guidance of renowned Brazilian pianist Maria José Carrasqueira; he also worked as the resident vocal pianist, a position which he held for two years, playing in the studios of Profs. Adriana Kayama and Luciano Simões. In the interim, he performed in numerous concerts, including a solo recital in the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MuBE) as well as a voice and piano recital with Dr. Simões, both in São Paulo city. As of 2017, Gabriel has finished a dual Master’s degree in Collaborative and Solo Piano under Juilliard alumna Pamela Pyle, during which he held an assistantship as a resident collaborative pianist, working intensely with the great chamber, vocal and solo piano literature; he was also a recipient of the Friends of Music scholarship. Gabriel was part of the NM New Music contemporary music ensemble for two years and worked as a collaborative pianist at the New Mexico School for the Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.