Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Teacher Teams

Teacher teams are utilized in the fall and spring semesters, and are groups of four volunteers that handle one class for four months. Each member of the team is obligated to teach once a month, and to act as the assistant once a month. There are 13 to 16 classes in any given semester depending on the number of children participating in the program.

Teacher Team Organizer is responsible for:

  • Contacting the team members and working out a teaching rotation, and making sure the teacher schedule is complete.
  • Supporting and mentoring new teachers.
  • Being a contact person for parents and the DRE.

Lead Teachers– every Sunday there is one lead teacher and one assistant teacher. The lead teacher is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and preparing the lesson (expect about 1 hour of prep time before Sunday).
  • Contacting the RE Office by Wednesday evening with a list of supplies needed.
  • Arriving fifteen minutes prior to the start of class and ensuring needed supplies are there.
  • Sharing the information “Take It Home” on Facebook.
  • Leading the Circle, chalice lighting, and day’s discussion.
  • Evaluating the session with the assistant teacher and DRE if need be at the end of the day.

Assistant Teachers are responsible for:

  • Supporting the lead teacher with whatever needs to be done during class.
  • Dealing with behavior issues while the lead teacher leads the circle, lesson, etc.
  • Helping to clean up at the end of class.
  • Evaluating and giving feedback to lead teacher about the class.


  • Call the assistant teacher first to see if they can handle the class as a lead.
  • Call other team members to see if they can switch days with you.
  • If further assistance is needed, call our RE Administrative Assistant as soon as possible! A floater can be arranged if team members are not available.

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