First Unitarian Immigrant Justice Task Force

Immigrant Justice Task Force

Art installation by Mexico City art students at Nogales, Arizona border. (c) 2015-2019. Photo by Nic Provenzo.

The First Unitarian Immigrant Justice Task Force was organized in 2017 in response to this nation’s heightened anti-immigrant climate and functions under the purview of the First Unitarian Social Justice Committee. Guided by the UUA principles, as further articulated in the UUA Declaration of Conscience, the Task Force members act in covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of members of the immigrant community.

The Mission of the Immigrant Justice Task Force is to support the rights, dignity, and well-being of the immigrant community and to work for justice, equity, and compassion for immigrants by:

  1. Building and strengthening relationships with members of the immigrant community and advocacy groups that represent them;
  2. Gathering and utilizing the resources of the First Unitarian congregation to support forms of ally-ship as determined necessary and helpful by the immigrant community;
  3. Educating the First Unitarian congregation and encouraging the congregation to take action that will provide safety and relieve suffering for those targeted by hatred, discrimination, and unjust policies based on their immigration status.

Specifically, the Task Force will focus its work on the following areas, recognizing the need for the efficient use of available resources.

  1. Building Relationships: Developing strong working relationships with the immigrant community, advocacy groups, and other congregations and organizations investing time, energy, and resources into immigrant justice work.
  2. Congregational Education and Engagement: Providing opportunities for our congregation to learn about the legal, moral, and practical implications of current immigration policies and practices. Providing the congregation and its members with information about opportunities for Immigrant Justice work.
  3. Support Sanctuary Efforts: Work with community partners in support of expanded and physical sanctuary;
  4. First Unitarian Immigrant Neighbors: Seeking ways for the Task Force and the congregation to provide support and access to services to First Unitarian’s local immigrant neighbors.
  5. Financial Support: Using the funds available to the Task Force to contribute to causes, efforts, and projects that support the mission of the Task Force.
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