Volunteer Opportunities

logo abOur religious education program for young people is a cooperative venture, meaning that many volunteers- parents and those without children in our program- are needed to ensure quality ministry to and with our young people. Parents with children enrolled in our program are expected to participate in the program. Those without children who are interested in participating in our program are also welcomed.

Some of the possible volunteer positions are: teacher, assistant (both are members of our fall and spring teacher teams), summer teacher or assistant, summer curriculum team, special events, teacher holiday craft and game leader, camp counselor, RE Council member, playground upkeep and planning, youth advisor, OWL teacher, party crew, RE rainbow fishlibrary volunteer.

As you can see, your participation is crucial! Please contact the DRE by email, dre@uuabq.org, or call 884-1801 if you are interested or have questions about participating in RE.

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