Adult Religious Education: Current Offerings

Sunday Explorations on Zoom

Sunday Explorations continues every Sunday at 9:30 am on Zoom until we can meet in person again.

Join the Zoom Meeting by going to; or open the Zoom app if you have it downloaded, click on “Join Meeting” and then enter

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If you don’t have a computer or mobile device, you can call in to the class by calling:

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May 3

Thresholds—Endings and Beginnings. 

How and when do we hover, or attempt to make quick moves when we reach thresholds? What are thresholds that you are experiencing? What determines how we cross thresholds?

Angela Merkert, facilitator

May 10

Thresholds in Our World: Creating and Adapting to Change. 

How shall we respond to systems fractures made more visible by current world events? What is the core or foundation from which we will determine our responses? What values, what beliefs inform your responses?

Angela Merkert, facilitator

May 17

Historical Sermon Series: “Religion and Nostalgia” by Rev. A. Powell Davies.

” …we are unnerved and debilitated by sheer nostalgia. Unaware and heedless of it as we mostly are, the will power of the entire modern world is deeply undermined by discontentment—discontentment with the modern world itself. Our age is homesick…This homesickness of this age, like all its maladies, will never yield to treatment of its surface symptoms. We shall be nostalgic for the past, the unreal and delusive past, until we surrender to the vision of the future.”

Facilitator, John Edwards

May 24

Reflections on Memorial Day Weekend. 

Considering Thresholds. Poetry and other readings. Please share your favorites related to this time.

Angela Merkert, facilitator

May 31

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl – Part 2

Written in 1946, but still powerful today, this book presents his experiences during three years of Nazi concentration camps.

We’ll explore Frankl’s key ideas, including his contention that the greatest task for any person is to find meaning in life. How about purpose and meaning in our lives?

Unnecessary to have attended Part 1 or read the book.

Ron Friederich, facilitator