Current Covenant Group Materials

Topics and Materials for 2019-2020

October: Listening, Belonging

Listening Prep

Listening Gathering 

Listening Facilitator Notes

Belonging Prep

Belonging Gathering

Belonging Soul Matters issue – contact facilitator


November: Growth; Attention

Growth Prep  

Growth Gathering 

Attention Prep

Attention Gathering

Attention Soul Matters issue – contact facilitator


December: Common Ground; Awe

Common Ground Prep 

Common Ground Gathering 

Awe Prep

Awe Gathering

Awe Soul Matters issue – contact facilitator


January: Ritual; Integrity

Ritual Prep 

Ritual Gathering 

Integrity Prep

Integrity Gathering

Integrity Soul Matters issue – contact facilitator


February: 4th Principle; Resilience

4th Principle Prep  

4th Principle Gathering 

Resilience Prep

Resilience Gathering

Resilience Soul Matters issue – contact facilitator


March: Weathering the Storm; Wisdom

Weathering the Storm Prep  

Weathering the Storm Gathering 

Wisdom Prep

Wisdom Gathering

Wisdom Soul Matters issue – contact facilitator


April: Forgiveness; Liberation

Forgiveness Prep 

Forgiveness Gathering

Endings Prep

Endings Gathering

Endings Facilitator Notes




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