Caring Network

What is the First U Caring Network?

First Unitarian’s Caring Network is our culture of abundant care and love. It is all the ways we care for each other, from asking “how are you” on Sunday morning (and really listening!) to bringing food to sick friends, visiting each other in the hospital, and more.

We are all the Caring Network.

What is the Care Team?

The Care Team is the most formal expression of First Unitarian’s culture of abundant care and love. Our trained visitors provide compassionate, respectful listening and other assistance to members of our community in need and celebration. If you have a new baby or a broken hip, a lost loved one or another significant life change or transition, we’re here: to visit you, to say congrats, to pick up a prescription or bring you a meal. And most importantly to just listen, with caring and respect. To let you know that your church cares about you.

Contact the Care Team coordinator anytime at, by filling out a card in the pew backs or the Candle Corner, or by calling the church office at 884-1801.

Our Care Team

    Andrea Lanier

      Anna Watkins

        Arne Gullerud

          Ernest Lanier

            Kristin Satterlee

              Lynne Patton

                Marian Kraai

                  Mary Ready

                    Michele Smith

                      Nancy Bowen

                        Sheryl Guterl

                        The Caring Network also includes…

                        Friendship Ministry

                        to connect isolated community members and remind them of the love and care of their spiritual home.

                        Sol Singers

                        to provide the solace and uplift of song to members who are unwell or in hospital or hospice.

                        Caring Cooks

                        to provide healthy, delicious meals to members in need or celebration.

                        … and YOU!

                        If you would like to join in service to one of these Caring Network ministries, please contact the Care Coordinator at

                        Are you a community member looking for more help with housing, clothing, food, or transportation? Click here for a printable list of available resources.


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                        1. Hobbit Merritt says:

                          The loneliness and isolation of this extended quarantine is taking a toll. I know that my husband and I are not the only ones suffering. As we look to winter coming on and more confinement to home, I expect this feeling of isolation to get far worse. My husband has mentioned that he feels like he is in jail . It feels like solitary confinement, with tons of perks, like taking walks outside, necessary shopping forays and car rides. But these are no longer enough. My rich social life that I had just six months ago is gone and Zoom meetings just aren’t cutting it, even though they are far better than none at all. While I do go out into the community for less-than-necessary shopping at times to sustain my passion for crafting, my husband is petrified at the idea of being in public. The psychological toll is mounting daily. What I had already decided was a loss of a year of my life to this, we are now being told to expect yet another year of isolation as likely. Even as we do “check-ins” at Zoom meetings, it seems that everyone is trying to keep a cheery note to it all, but it really is not a cheery situation. I would like to be able to have a more honest discussion about how damn hard this is. I feel like I am being denied an opportunity to be real about how this feels. As an “empathic” person, I feel a need to acknowledge the very real pain that this is causing. Is anybody else feeling this way too?

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