Available Rooms: Rates & Fees


$120.00 per hour

Weddings, ceremonies, recitals and large meetings for 350 – 400 people

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Closed for Remodeling Social Hall

Our Social Hall will undergo a $1.4 million remodel starting late April 2019. It will be unavailable for rentals for the remainder of 2019. Contact the Church Administrator at admin@uuabq.org for estimated completion date, and 2020 rental options.




Memorial Hall

$60.00 per hour

Parties, meetings, baby showers for up to 75 people (45 seated at 60″ round tables.)

Includes a small open kitchen.

Wesson Room

$40.00 per hour

Small meeting room for 25-40 people.

Arnold Room

$40.00 per hour

Small meeting room for 15-20 people.

La Amikoj

$40.00 per hour

Small meeting room for 20-30 people.


$30.00 per hour

Classroom spaces are available for meetings and conferences.

Members and nonprofit groups with a 501(c)3 certificate are eligible for a 50% discount on rental rates. Definition of a member: According to First Unitarian’s bylaws, a member is a person who has signed the membership book and made an identifiable contribution within the last 12 months. For the purpose of building use privileges, that contribution must be at least equal to the benefit received, that is, the standard rental cost of the room to be used.

Payment Information

Additional Rental Charges

Contact the Church Administrator for scheduling and more information at 505-884-1801 or admin@uuabq.org.

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