Socorro Branch of the First Unitarian Church

“We are Unitarian Universalists.  We are people of faith with open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands.”

Meetings:     Epiphany Episcopal Church, 803 Leroy Place, Socorro. We gather in the Parish Hall (in the building opposite the main sanctuary).

Time:   Sundays, 4:00 pm

What to expect:  Music, Readings, “Story for All Ages,” Joys & Concerns (time for sharing), Sermon and discussion. (The sermon is the same as the morning service in Albuquerque, video download.)

Children:    Children of all ages are absolutely welcome and can participate in the service. If children and youth are interested in a separate program, our group includes educators, one of whom is designated to work with them.

Events:  Our “big event” is an annual holiday concert in mid-December. During the summer, we have one regular service per month and one potluck at a home or picnic area per month.

Social Connections:  Coffee hour after every service, with fair trade coffee and refreshments. Members know one another well enough to readily offer support when a member is sick or needs some help.  Yet we are not invasive and respect each other’s privacy. We are family who behave better than some blood relatives!

Community/Justice work:  We “own” a mile of Highway 60 near Box Canyon for periodic cleanup. Members also work around the community at places like Puerto Seguero  (homeless shelter).

Through a program called “Change for Change,” the coins collected in the morning offertory are contributed to community organizations such as the Socorro Storehouse (2015), and rotate annually based on the interests of the congregation and community needs. Previous recipients include Magdalena’s Food Bank (2014) and Puerto Seguero (2013).

Contact:   For more information, Richard Sonnenfeld at or 575-838-7113.

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