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The Revs. Angela Herrera and Christine Robinson, and James Galasinski, Ministerial Resident This sermon is available as TEXT

1/11 “Eulogies” 0

1/11 “Eulogies”

“Eulogies” The Revs. Angela Herrera and Christine Robinson The popular, annual service dedicated to notable people who died in 2014. Come for good music and good stories! Music: Spare Parts


1/18 “Sanctuary”

“Sanctuary,” The Rev. Angela Herrera Sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge or safety, and a holy place. It is a sometimes-radical concept with ancient roots. It is also central to something known...


1/25 “Bucket Lists, Revisited”

“Bucket Lists, Revisited” The Rev. Christine Robinson Since receiving the congregation’s generous gift of travel money to see the one item on my bucket list, I have continued to think about this cultural meme...


1/4 “The Inequality of Wealth”

“The Inequality of Wealth,” Jake Barkdoll The inequality of wealth in the United States is on the rise. Church member Jake Barkdoll will discuss what makes wealth inequality such a perplexing issue, and what...