First Unitarian Church and the Associate Program

As an associate, First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque earns a marketing fee for any items purchased through a link on our Web site.

How does the program work?

Throughout the First Unitarian Church Web site, you will see links to books and other suggested materials at Clicking the link will take you to the sales page for that item at

What if I decide not to purchase the linked item, but purchase another item instead?

That item is still credited as a purchase through the First Unitarian Church site, so we still earn the fee.

Does this increase my cost as a purchaser?

No, your price for items bought from is the same as if you had gone directly to the Web site.

So if you are planning to purchase an item at, we encourage you to start here at the First Unitarian Church Web site and click on the links!

Link to Amazon here.

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