Request Form for Social Justice Funds

Request Form for Social Justice Funds for 2018

(Please copy this form to your computer in Word)


Name of Group:


Name, e-mail of contact person at church:


  1. What is the guiding structure of the group? (Do you have a Chair, Secretary, etc.? How are decisions made? What is the number of people in your governing structure?)



  1. What project do you want to fund?



  1. Who benefits from this project and how does it impact the larger community?



  1. If possible, please estimate the number of people who benefit annually.



  1. How is the project’s success/lack of success measured?



  1. Describe in detail the purpose for which this funding is requested.



  1. Describe in detail the amount of money you are requesting and how this money will be spent. The Church will expect a description of actual use and services rendered at the end of the project.  Reciepeint of SJC funds are not eligible for Change for the Future next year.



  1. What percentage of your total yearly budget does this amount represent?



  1. If your group is not associated with First Unitarian Church, does it have a 501(c)3?

Yes___     No___



  1. Does the group receive support (monetary or in-kind) from any other resource?

Yes___   No___